BJP IT cell workers are getting paid for writing against Muslims. One guy named Mahavir Prasad who lives in Jaitasar updated his status on Facebook and made some shocking confessions. He has that, he is getting paid for writing against Muslims.

Mahaveer Prasad with BJP Leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi:-

Mahaveer with BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy:-

In his Facebook post which was published a few minutes ago at the time of writing. He said that he lives with Muslims most of the time. His friends are Muslims but he writes against Muslims on Facebook. He gave a reason for writing against Muslims on Facebook by said that, it is his job in a company.

Here’s what Mahaveer posted on FB:-

He claimed that he gets Rs. 30,000 for just writing against Muslims on Facebook. So, his Muslim friend also understands his situation and understand his feelings as well. He also posted another status after few minutes.

In his another status, he mentioned a person said to him about paying him for writing against Muslims. He also claimed that he sent Rs.10 lakh to Pro-Modi website but not paying his team. He added that Arvind Gupta was paying regularly to BJP IT team.